Collecting Pieces

Collecting piecesFolding with neatnessA seamstressThat seems stressed Steam pressed “I want to line the pieces up, yours and mine” Those who receive usThose who deceive usThose who believe usAre those who relieve us Those people can be us Floodgate of TearsWatery fearsBreathe fresh airSee what’s clear “Tears are the language of the soul when it […]

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Gracious Tempest

DEC. ?? 18 The Lord draws our hearts to Him through His spirit, and pulls us to the core of who we are, our beings. He enchants us with a love that causes us to sway back and forth in rhythm with Him as He pours out praise over us. He is our reality and […]

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2018 (Part 2/2) My son, I call my children to act in faith and obedience to me. You have a free will my son and are not eternally tied to this world. I let my children choose their lives, but I guide their footsteps. That’s the beauty of how I created you. You don’t have […]

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2018 (Part 2/2) My son, Allow me to refine you in the process of Sonship. I give my children desires to be accomplished through my will. I have also given you freedom to choose things and decisions in your life, and I will guide you along the way. (God I struggle because I believe there […]

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Insufferable Storm

There’s a violent storm swirling inside of my chest. I search for peace but have no rest. It’s pounding faster. I feel the heart attack of disaster. The storm is out of my control. I can’t hold it in, I can’t let it go. No prayer or verse can lift this curse. I move then […]

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