2018 (Part 2/2)

My son,

I call my children to act in faith and obedience to me. You have a free will my son and are not eternally tied to this world. I let my children choose their lives, but I guide their footsteps. That’s the beauty of how I created you. You don’t have to be locked into what everyone else tells you to do, you can move, change and be free.

However, remember to take care of your responsibilities. I am not stopping you my son, you are stopping yourself from moving forward with certain things.

You have the ability and power to choose and change how you live your life, but I have changed you in who you live your life for.

Pray and seek my council on things and I will make your path straight as you trust me. Pray, listen, obey, make a decision, trust me.

You may have many failures highlighted in your life, but I do not highlight your failures, I forgive them and honor your righteousness. Don’t let the world get you down my son. Take heart! For I have overcome the world.

You are unstoppable with me my son. People, things, and time pass, but I am eternal. Nothing you do surprises me, or will ever do, I see you and your heart. I desire you to listen to me and keep your character strong.

Instead of trying to rely on other people so much for your life, you can learn to rely on me more in what you do. You are concerned with other people giving you permission to live in the way I made you to be. I give you permission as your heavenly father to live how I made you to be.

Home isn’t the places you go.
Home is the people you know.


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