Insufferable Storm

There’s a violent storm swirling inside of my chest.

I search for peace but have no rest.

It’s pounding faster. I feel the heart attack of disaster.

The storm is out of my control.

I can’t hold it in, I can’t let it go.

No prayer or verse can lift this curse.

I move then crumble in the dirt.

Struggling to find some worth.

No medication replaces hurt.

I’m on my way to my hearse.

Restlessly relentless

Dreaming of death sentence

Grace asked forgotten repentance

A desert of isolation and desolation

Declaration without proclamation

Devastation without reconciliation.

What is this hell?

I know it all too well.

To meet the devil.

Stuck in a jail cell.

Everyday a blur of nothingness.

You try to sleep but you still think.

When you’re in agony and pain and crying everyday.

You can’t control the tears dominated by your fears.

You close your eyes and flashes of lightning attack you.

He’s dead forever the old Matthew.

I killed him because I had to.

Rope in hand and tied a noose.

Hung himself on the back roof.

You toss and you turn with






to be heard but the words


T I frozen M E

SpOrRadiC mind

dniwer tonnac


Remnant of Repentance

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