2018 (Part 2/2)

My son,

Allow me to refine you in the process of Sonship. I give my children desires to be accomplished through my will. I have also given you freedom to choose things and decisions in your life, and I will guide you along the way.

(God I struggle because I believe there is only one decision I can choose and I’m constantly on the lookout for the right decision.)

As I’ve said before, you can choose your life, while making your decisions , keeping my obedience and heart in mind. I have also placed responsibilities in front of you to take care of. Job, home, payments. Do not let responsibilities discourage you from obtaining your goals.

Give all things to me in prayer and watch me, let me take care of them without worry. When you try and take on my role of handling the spiritual process, you exhaust yourself and become overwhelmed. Do you part in trusting me with faithfulness, and let me handle the life before you.

(I Pray that my Joy is restored and my desire to love life returns Lord My job has crushed my soul and I resent it ruthlessly. lease show the path to become greater than I am now. I don’t want this normal corporate life. God you gave me the talent, show me the way.)


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