Gracious Tempest

DEC. ?? 18

The Lord draws our hearts to Him through His spirit, and pulls us to the core of who we are, our beings. He enchants us with a love that causes us to sway back and forth in rhythm with Him as He pours out praise over us.

He is our reality and lifts our body’s up to Him. It’s an inescapable attraction, a forever love. He unfolds the layers of our hearts and complexity of our minds, placing each thing in its place.

He opens us completely and raw. Our being gushes out from us into His dimension and He gives light to all things speaking into our soul. The draw of the Father is unavoidable and our breath is restored to us. We are forever lost in the Spirit of His love.

The God of life breathes eternity into our lives. Our names a chapter in His book of Grace. A stone-chiseled promise. To be so lost in the Spirit that you forget where you are, who you are, and all you can do is BE captivated by His all encompassing presence as you feel yourself connecting with Heaven.

A never ending promise of love stories.

To have freedom in the presence of God forever.

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