One of the ways I love to creatively express myself is through writing. I’m also a pianist, artist, actor, occasional stand-up comedian, song writer, rapper-hobbyist, and performer.

I created this blog to store the countless journal entries and Biblical responses, along with poems and thoughts I’ve written. The blog has two categories:

Biblical Reflections and Poetry.

Biblical Reflections is something I’ve been practicing for the last 7 years. It’s where I journal to God exactly what’s happening in my life, and then write a response as if He were speaking to me in person. It’s God’s voice to me in that situation, backed up by Biblical principles and applied with truth.

Poetry is something I try and use to evoke an emotional connection with readers and challenge their hearts.

I hope you enjoy exploring the passages and let me know your thoughts. Also, leave a comment if you can decipher some of the hidden wordplay in my poems! 😉

God bless,

-Matthew Sankey